DJ, Producer, modern Tech-House aficionado
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Excelling in todays modern music industry requires a demanding artist skillset and passion. Throughout the past decade, when combining these qualities and Cicchino’s sound, a modern-day tech house groove, hailing the strongest fusion of adrenaline, excitement and happiness presents a genuine and transparent energy that is shared between him and his audience. Beginning with achieving recognition in his local market, this pronounced his future to only become stronger in the time to come. Unfamiliar to your surroundings, you have probably heard the sounds of Cicchino. From dance floors to digital stores, uttermost passion, meticulous studio ethics, and continuous evolution secure him aggressively at the top of his self-competitive nature. A previous student of Dubspot, Point Blank and Cosmic Academy have provided a strong foundation to his skillset, transferring him into a professional artist.

Beginning intimately and progressing into some of the finest venues and stages alongside international talents defines his passion. Making his first out-of-state appearance in September 2015 at Backwoods Music Festival, OK begins the spark of his career which is destined to grow. Trailing Cicchino’s education and studio ethics only lead you to his goals and passion for continuous success. Ending 2015 with the initial release of his first EP 'Vital Signs' to Beatport on LAD Records marked the beginning of a journey of sound. Launching Effekt Radio in January 2016, has now become home to Cicchino’s lates productions and exclusive guest mixes from other emerging artists alike.

A reflection of commitment to his peers, appetite for everlasting success, and musical innovation is a direct reflection of being named "Best Up & Coming DJs" as named in his local market. His journey will touch the emotions of many and bring positivity while staying true to his early origins and reason of existence, music.


Live at Backwoods Music Festival, OK - 2015